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To achieve our targets, we strive to provide our customers with the chance to play the latest games on the highest-quality machines.
Our product portfolio consists of video lottery terminals, slot machines and electronic roulette.

We continuously monitor and evaluate our product range to give customers what they desire from their leisure time—the chance to relax from the stresses of everyday life. All businesses need to evolve to reflect the changing priorities and demands of their customers. This is why we always have one eye on the future and keep up to date with new trends, products and services, which are then gradually integrated into individual premises.

In this context, technical and technological development, especially in the field of computer technology and software applications, is highly important. Our parent company, the Gauselmann Group, A.G. participates in the annual ICE Exhibition in London, where the latest innovations from the gaming industry are first to appear. We carefully evaluate these new products to see if they suit our concept and our customers' demands before steadily introducing them into our portfolio.

In short, we are going the right way about accessing the market. Our system consists of a central server, which can connect to an unlimited number of terminals from various gambling rooms and casinos. Gauselmann developed these state-of-the-art terminals on the Czech market to give players more gaming and betting options, more fun, excitement, gaming enjoyment and, of course, attractive payouts. In addition to our products, we also offer our customers the chance to play on gaming terminals from other leading brands on the Czech market.


New Generation VLT Games Unlimited


The groundbreaking HIGHFLYER takes player comfort to the next level. With its innovative design and a wide range of ideas, players will become loyal customers as they relax while remaining 100% engaged in the game. The HIGHFLYER cabinet features a widescreen monitor which seemingly floats in the air. This provides players with an unobstructed view of the casino while enabling other customers to watch the game. The design allows you to choose the location of the cabinet so that players can sit with their back to the wall while looking out into the casino. HIGHFLYER's adjustable chair gives players the option to sit upright or leaning back for a more relaxed experience.
New Generation VLT Games Unlimited


With its clear symbols and bright colours, the VISION SLANT-TOP generates a buzz that spreads throughout the casino.

VISION is particularly popular with young players, drawn by the thrilling light and sound effects. VISION brings out the best in every casino!
Other gaming machines on offer


You can also play on gaming machines from the following companies:

Synot, Kajot, E-gaming, Novomatic, Apollo, MOD Play VLT, electromechanical roulette (Roulette G5 MiniStar).