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About Us
Loyalty program

Merkur Casino CARD-IN

We created CARD-IN to reward our customers for their continued loyalty. As a CARD-IN member, you can accumulate points, which you can exchange for luxury prizes while benefitting from access to exclusive promotional events. Membership is free, and you can use your CARD-IN card in every MERKUR CASINO in the Czech Republic.

CARD-IN membership is free and available to all customers over the age of 18. All you need to do is complete a short registration form and agree with the Terms and Conditions. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a temporary membership card along with your unique CARD-IN number.

CARD-IN Points

How to score CARD-IN points

Become a member (our Welcome Bonus)

When you visit our branches

When it's your birthday

As part of promotions and marketing activities

For more details about CARD-IN, please speak to a member of our MERKUR CASINO team.

CARD-IN program

Why join CARD-IN? We offer you more, so you can enjoy everything that the world of MERKUR CASINO benefits brings you. Speak to a member of the MERKUR CASINO team for more information.