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About Us

Merkur Casino - From Germany to the Czech Republic

Following from considerable success in Germany and across Europe, our parent company, the Gauselmann Group, opened the first MERKUR CASINO in the Czech Republic in 1992. 

Our journey in the Czech Republic started in Hradec Králové and, since then, we haven't looked back. The beaming MERKUR SUN now shines over 17 arcades throughout the Czech Republic. In 2016, our turnover exceeded CZK 1 billion.
Merkur Casino


We carefully select new locations using extensive market research and analysis to find ideal premises that will delight our customers. Major developers recognise our professional approach, the cutting-edge appearance of our interiors and exteriors plus our adherence to industry regulations. As a result, we are a much-sought-after partner when it comes to developing dedicated entertainment and leisure zones, often situated near shopping centres in large cities across the Czech Republic. Individual branches range from 250-800m² depending on the location and size of the cities. We also operate arcades with live gaming in Most, Ostrava (Imperiál), Teplice and Prague (Černý Most and Hostivař).
Merkur Casino


Our overarching goal is to provide a welcoming atmosphere for our customers. We achieve this by combining a unique service with a recognisable ambience. Thanks to long-term cooperation with a team of experienced architects, we have been able to create a cosy, welcoming environment that is instantly recognisable across all national borders.

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