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Merkur Casino - Germany to Czech Republic

When Merkur Casino corporation entered the Czech market back in 1992, it was already a successful company with experience both from its native Germany and other European countries in which it had been developing its business activities.
We opened our first branch that same year in Hradec Králové. Since then, the number of venuies has been growing steadily and today, the well-known Merkur sign with the sun can be seen in 23 locations all over the country. This is reflected in company's turnover, over one billion Czech Crowns last year.
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Nonetheless we keep on searching for further locations of our next new branches. Aided by business anylyses and market research tools, we take great care in our selection, so that we can retain our high standards in chosing the right geography, design, exterior, size (size of our venues ranges between 250-800m2), and other, often specific, demands. Our emphasis on quality could be one of the reasons why we have become a sought-after partner of leading construction companies, with whom we often co-operate on developing areas used as leisure zones near large shopping centers, especially in larger cities. Other than that, we still run a number of traditional branches in towns such as Kladno, Most, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Ostrava, Olomouc, and many others.
Merkur Casino


If we venture furhter west, past the border, we can discover that one of our most interesting branches located in an European city shopping centers can be found in Koln am Rhein, Germany. Like all its Czech cousins, it was designed by team of skilled architects, who combined their expertise with our experience and know-how, The results of such co-operation are unique, striking buildings, which at the same time retain certain visual elements to allow our customers, looking at any one of them, whether in the Czech Republic, or somewhere in Europe, to recognize our company with what it stands for, provides, and offers, whether it is good servis, great venues, favourite games, or the advantages of the membership loyalty card.

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