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Loyalty program

Merkur Casino CARD - IN

We always strive to provide maximum comfort, optimal services and exceptional advantages to our regular customers to give thanks and reward their loyalty that we value greatly. For these reasons we have developed for you our sophisticated loyalty program CARD - IN, based on system of points distributed by our specialized software among members. Our principle is fair and simple - the more you play, the more you win. Awarded points will be translated into a whole range of exclusive advantages accross our branches.

Membership in Merkur Casino CARD -IN program is free. It is available to all customers above the age of 18 who correctly fill out our registration from and agree to Terms and Conditions. After submitting the form you will be issued a temporary membership card along with your unique ID number, thus becoming a member of Merkur Casino CARD - IN program.
Points in the Merkur Casino

CARD - IN program are awarded for

Becoming a member (our Welcome Bonus)

When you visit our branches

For your birthday

As part of promotions and special marketing activities

For further details, ask our staff in any Merkur Casino branch.