American Roulette

Game that has come to symbolize casino in popular culture, American Roulette, contains 37 numbers, including 0. Players can bet directly on the gaming board (“inside bets“), or bet on the “outside“ (red, black, odd, even, high, low, rows, and dozens). More experienced players can take advantage of bets called on groups of numbers (neighbours, big and small series, 0-spiel, or Orphelins).


Widely popular card game in which players play against the dealer. Each player gets 2 cards, dealer gets 1. Player‘s cards add up, the goal is to get as close as possible to having 21 cards. Players cannot have more than 21 cards. At the end of the game, sums of cards (player vs. casino) are compared and the one with higher sum wins.

Carribbean Stud Poker

Another popular card game in which players play against the dealer.  Each player and the dealer get 5 cards. The aim is to achieve the highest winning combination. Player can, for a fee, swap one card. In the end, the dealer compares the player’s cards with his own and the winner is the one with higher winning combination.

Texas Hold´em Poker

One of the most popular card games in which players play against each other while the dealer only deals cards and controls the game. Each player gets two cards. The dealer gradually, in a number of rounds, opens 5 cards, common for all players. Players can up their bets in each round. In the end, winning combinations are compared. The winner is the one with the highest winning combination.

Live game that you enjoy!


We are preparing live gaming for you in MERKUR CASINO branches.
In the comfort of our exclusive environment you can play:
American Roulette, Black Jack, Carribbean Stud Poker, Texas Hold'em Poker
Experience new Live Gaming in one our branches. Find the one nearby and check its availibility below:

Praha - Hostivař, Teplice – opening April 2017

Hradec Králové, Pardubice – opening June 2017

Praha - Žižkov, Praha - Zahradní Město – opening July 2017

Mladá Boleslav (both branches) – opening August 2017

Olomouc, Ostrava – Imperiál – opening September 2017

Kladno - Václavské Náměstí – opening October 2017

We will keep you posted on openings in our remaining branches.